The Steps to Sell

Step 1: Call or Submit your Information


Call or text us directly or submit your information via our "Sell Your Property Now" button.  We need to have a little detail about your needs and the property before we can make an offer.  There is no obligation and no cost to you for this.

Step 2: We Schedule an Appointment


Once we have some initial information from you we can schedule an appointment that is convenient for  you to view the property.  We will discuss our process and what you can expect.  We never charge a fee and will not ask for any thing to be repaired.

Step 3: We make and offer


We will make an offer and if we can agree on a deal we will work together to set a time for closing the deal that makes sense for everyone.  Our goal is to understand your what you are looking to accomplish and do everything we reasonably can to create a win-win scenario.

Sell your property now